10 Must haves for University Living

10 Must haves for University Living

When transitioning from high school to university, there is a lot to think about. Finding organizational techniques and products to maximize small spaces can be challenging. Here are ten products that will help in a smooth transition to a more organized lifestyle.

The Genius Desk is perfect for off campus living as it is small and versatile. It has a special compartment for stationery and for holding a tablet making it the ultimate place for studying. To top it all off there is a magnetic holder great for placing reminders of important deadlines coming up. For extra storage of supplies the Fliptop Desktop Organizer can be placed on the Genius desk. It allows for the placement of highlighters, sticky notes etc.

In such small spaces, it is sometime difficult to customize your dorm where functionality meets individuality. Wall decals bring the best of both worlds. These decals are available in 3 different patterns and contain a calendar, message board, cork board and weekly planner.

The Gear Box Under bed Chest is great for storing seasonal clothing during the year. Closet space is limited and having alternative storage will help keep the clutter to a minimum.

Jewellery is very small and valuable making it imperative to keep safe from the crazy university lifestyle. This is where the 3 Drawer Jewellery Box comes into play. It has sturdy construction and many compartments to keep all the precious jewellery far out of reach from destruction.

When thinking of what to pack when moving to university, it is important to keep in mind that the bedroom is not the only place that needs to be organized. On campus, bathrooms are always shared and one must always keep their belongings neatly stored out of the way of others using the bathroom. The Hot Sleeve provides both a storage space for flat irons and protection from the heat. The Casabella Bath Tote is also useful for storing and transporting shampoos, conditioners and soap back and forth from the bathroom to the dorm.

Laundry machines are shared among hundreds of people within a residence building and usually far from dorm rooms. Having a bag to carry laundry is vital to minimize the number of trips back and forth to the washer. The Laundry Bag is a large sturdy bag great for holding all laundry. It is also compactible taking up less storage space when not filled. Also the Hosiery Bag can be used to place your fine woven clothing to prevent snagging and ripping of clothes. This will also reduce your laundry time.

Lastly, when on campus it is always helpful to have a water bottle. The fuel bottle is environmentally friendly and has a covered spout to prevent leaks.

Following these suggestions can make university packing a breeze and take a load off your mind.