Custom closet

Custom closet

In my first post, I briefly mentioned the fact that we do custom closet design! I have small closets at home and I understand how hard it can be to organize a closet of any size. But trust me on this, whether you order a custom closet or come in to one of our stores to pick up separate pieces from around the store, you will be amazed at how much less stress you feel when your closets are organized! It may not help you gain a promotion or lose 10 pounds, but you will be far less stressed! The first time I opened my front closet and didn’t see my shoes all over the floor, I had a giant grin on my face!

This is by far one of my favourite things about Solutions. A very important factor that distinguishes us from some of the other systems out there, is that unlike some other companies, which require you to bolt the system into the wall vertically every 12 inches or so, ours is a balancing system. It continues to stabilize as weight is put on it.  This means that over time, as the unit shifts minutely on the wall(s) due to heat, cold, humidity, etc. (and yes, this can happen in a house, condo or apartment), it will not come off the wall, thereby avoiding having holes of varying sizes which, at the least, are annoying, and at the worst, may be costly to repair, all because it has the freedom to shift. Our closets can be made all of metal or be a combination of metal and wood (we have four shades of wood shelves, drawers and cubbies: white, cypress (a natural honey wood colour), chocolate and driftwood (a dark brown with a hint of gray that is also slightly textured). We also have metal pieces in either white or nickel (dark gray).

The process is really quite simple…you measure your space (for example, a closet, walls in an office, a pantry, etc.). As I mentioned previously, please use a measuring tape! We need exact measurements to do the design with the computer program. If you tell me your spouse paced the space and it was 9 foot lengths, I don’t know how big their feet are or if they were wearing shoes or barefoot, or going toe to toe, and frankly, with the summer approaching, I don’t want to get near my own bare feet, let alone anyone else’s (in all fairness, no one has ever actually given me that measurement yet)! So, when you have your measurements, come in to one of our 14 locations (please see the website for a list of locations) and sit down with one of our design specialists. No appointment is necessary! Design times can take anywhere from 10 minutes for a simple design to 45 minutes or more for complicated designs and/or multiple locations within your home. So please keep that in mind, especially if you are dealing with street parking or it is getting close to our closing time. We want to get your design done in one sitting, without rushing through it. Once materials have been chosen and the design is completed, you have two options: you can take the design home and think about it (that’s right, there is absolutely no cost or commitment for a consultation!) or pay for it immediately. We do not start cutting and gathering pieces for your order until the design is paid for. Your designer will give you a timeline for completion, and will call you when it is ready to be picked up (sadly, we do not deliver). Ah, but now you are wondering, do we install the system? Again, sadly, no. That said, it is very easy to install. When you pick up your order your designer or a manager will go over the order with you, so you know what the pieces are and how they fit together. You can also hire someone to install it for you at a reasonable rate (ask your closet designer for a reference). This system is extremely durable and very attractive. Our goal is that this is a system you will have and love for decades (it can indeed last that long). There is no flat fee for any given design. Every piece is priced individually, to allow for maximum savings. This also allows you to buy more pieces (shelves, rods, drawers, etc.) over time affordable, should your needs change. You never need to remember model numbers. Just tell us what you need and what colour.

Allow me to explain how the system works:

The only part that actually is screwed into the wall is the uppermost horizontal piece, called the hang rail. This is the key piece, and can be easily removed (for example, if you move, the whole system can be moved to a new location…if the new area is smaller, bring in the hang rail or any other metal pieces and we can trim them down for you). All you need for installation is a drill, a ladder and a level. The level is extremely important! Without making sure the hang rail is level, you run the risk of the entire system not balancing properly (as in, things may not stay put). Those are the only tools you will need!

Next come the uprights…these are vertical pieces which hook on to the bottom of the hang rail. When we design a closet, we try to space uprights every 24 to 30 inches apart (although this can vary from one design to another). The uprights have two functions: 1) these are what the brackets that hold up all the pieces go into, and 2) they create stability for the system. The uprights have holes going up the entire length. This allows you the freedom to place components at whatever height you desire, as well as to change the layout of your closet as your needs change (for example, raising shelves and rods as your children grow and their space needs change, or changing shelving height based on how thick your clothing is from season to season).

Brackets fit into the uprights, and hold up the shelves, hanging rods, drawers and other components.

Shelves come in a variety of widths and lengths. Metal shelves are the ultimate in sizing flexibility and can be cut to any length, and come in depths of 12 or 16 inches. Wood shelves generally come in depths of 14 inches and lengths of 24, 30 or 36 inches. These cannot be cut. Depending on the size of your space, many customers choose to combine wood and wire shelving. It may sound a little odd, but if you go into one of our locations you will find several examples of closets on the walls, and you can choose for yourself whether you prefer wire, wood, or a little from column A and a little from column B.

Hanging rods also come in a variety of lengths, and we can cut these down to whatever size is desired.

O-boxes (a front-open box with an optional shelf), 2-drawer units, 3-drawer units, cubbies and accessories make up the remainder of the items.

You will find on the website a copy of our design guide. It has design ideas that you can use, modify, or completely disregard. Remember, the whole point of this is that it is a custom closet, designed specifically for your needs. If you don’t love it the first time, we will work with you until you do!