Get Swept Away with Spring

Get Swept Away with Spring

Start your seasonal cleaning getting swept away with spring. As the temperatures are set to rise, so will the amount of dirt on your floors. Pesky dust and debris quickly makes its way from the outside in with tracked messes that will easily turn your floors from sparkling to lack luster. Follow these simple solutions for cleaning common household messes and household floors.

Fresh Floors

Wood: Instantly refresh your wood floors with a broom and/or vacuum. Any spills or stains may need a little tender loving care with the help and use of a mop. Remember, excessive moisture can leak between planks causing long lasting damage to the backing, so be sure to use as little water as possible in your cleaning solution. Alternatively use essential oils like rosemary or lavender if you’re allergic to household cleaner or if you just want a pleasant fresh scent left behind.

Carpet:  A good quality vacuum and filter makes all the difference when it comes to the care of your carpets and rugs. For spot cleaning be sure to try to remove the stain with water prior to testing out harsher solutions. Always use the dab method to absorb the stain, rather than just rubbing the stain into the carpet with a back and forth motion. Keep in mind, pet owners should vacuum often to clean pet hair dust and dander to keep your home airy and fresh.

Vinyl: Typically a no-maintenance flooring option, vinyl using only requires a quick sweep or vacuum to get the job done. For a deeper clean during your spring cleaning routine, use a mop to get a shiny, sparkling set of floors for the season.

Ceramic: To help these tiles stay kept sparkly, regular maintenance is required on ceramic floors. Avoid mold, grime and mildew build-up on ceramic tile by cleaning daily with water and drying thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel. Try to get grout at its whitest by scrubbing the affected area with mild detergent and water.

Household Messes

Tracked-in Messes: Bringing in dirt from the outside is one of the most common of household cleaning challenges. Whether you’re going from the patio to the garden or returning home in a rainstorm, spring’s unpredictable weather makes it difficult to tackle tracked-in messes. Fight dirt and grime with a dual action wet and dry mop with a disposable cloth to make tame tricky messes with ease. Also, invest in an outdoor shoe rack to keep wet and mucky shoes outside instead of bringing the mess inside.

Spills and Stains: Between backyard barbeques and fun-filled functions there’s bound to be a slip or spill ready to leave behind a nasty stain. Clean up food spills with a handy sweep set combo including an interlocking broom and dustpan that’s always ready to clean up left behind food crumbs. Use a quick micro fiber spray mop to instantly pick up wet drink and food spills and stop them from becoming stains.

Furry Friends:  In the spring, animals shed their winter coats in preparation for warmer weather ahead. Help keep hair balls and excess fur to a minimum by sweeping regularly to avoid clumps of hair tufts floating around the home. Regular brushing, grooming and sweeping will help to keep shedding and hair dust and dander under control.