How To Choose the Right Containers for Your Pantry

How To Choose the Right Containers for Your Pantry

Getting your pantry properly organized oftentimes depends on having the right tools and correct containers to effectively manage this household space. Although many of your goods and food products will last and keep their freshness for longer inside a container, they can sometimes take up more space than necessary, which is why it’s important to find out which containers will work the best for you and make the most out of your kitchen pantry. If you’re looking to invest in a few containers for your pantry, here are some storage solutions you should be looking at:

Square Space Saver

Square bottom containers tend to take up less space, making more overall room for your food storage. Look for square containers that can also nest together or easily sit side by side on a shelf to use as much space as possible at one time.

Clear Choice

Clear container storage, whether it’s plastic or glass, is ideal for pantry organization because it allows you to quickly take stock of what you have with one glance. A good tip for clear containers is to also label each one and store them facing forward to better identify goods and food products.

Effortless Ease

When you’re looking for pantry storage containers, it is always best to do the one-handed hand test to see if you can open it quickly and easily. Especially if you’re cooking for a family or preparing meals on the go, time is of the essence so it’s best if your have storage that can move as quickly as you can.

Sealed Shut 

Airtight containers are ideal for any and all pantry food storage, as their seal works to lock in freshness, making your food better and flavourful for longer.

Buy Baskets

Use a mix of both traditional plastic and glass containers along side baskets to create a fully functional, working pantry. Baskets that neatly tuck away under shelves with an opening make the perfect solution for hard to store food products and packets.

Handy Handles

Food containers that come handy with a built-in handle are another storage solution that will work in any size pantry. Handles make containers easy to grab and place back in their place with one easy movement.