How to Minimize Your Household Waste

How to Minimize Your Household Waste

Slash your trash with these easy ways to minimize your household waste and reduce how much your family contributes to landfills.

Closet Makeover

Pare down your wardrobe by going through your closets to eliminate any unused or unworn clothing that no longer fits or is simply just not being worn for whatever reason. Rather than dumping those old clothes and items, give back to the community and the environment by performing a good deed in the form of donation. Visit your local goodwill or charity to donate clothes to those less unfortunate who will actually get some use out of your gently worn or used items.

Take Out

When treating yourself and your family to take out, the packaging given to you becomes yours to dispose of. Try to order take out from restaurants that you know use reusable containers that can be washed and reused to store future food and leftovers or that can act as a lunch container you can take to work.

Green Cleaning

Eliminate any harsh chemical cleaners that you would normally use around the house and give routine cleaning and chores a DIY touch by making your own green household cleaners. 90% of all cleaners and disinfectants can be made using baking soda and/or vinegar. The best part? Neither of these two natural ingredients will harm your house or the environment.

Trash Take Out

Tackle smelly trash by using garbage bags that work to reduce odors and eliminate any unpleasant food smells. When your trash starts smelling your first reaction is to remove it – even if it’s halfway full. Avoid wasting and accumulating more garbage bags with a composting system in your kitchen. When you use a composting system at home it allows food scraps to stay out of the trash and keep it from smelling.

Clean Eating

Pay attention to the foods you are buying as even they can have a negative impact and effect on the environment. Begin clean eating, which is not only better for you and your diet, but it also puts less strain on the environment. The healthiest foods require the least amount of packaging and processing.

Boycott Plastic Bottles

Make the switch to reusable water bottles to boycott plastic once and for all. On average, 2.5 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every hour. Minimize landfill waste and unnecessary trash by investing in reusable, environmentally friendly bottles.