Inexpensive Ideas for a Seasonal Home Makeover

Inexpensive Ideas for a Seasonal Home Makeover

Spring is a time to renew and refresh your home for the new sunny season ahead. Spruce up for spring with ease using these inexpensive ideas to start your seasonal home makeover.

The Three Second Scan

Do the three second scan to help you visualize how you want your home to look and feel like. Take a pen and small notepad into each room in your home and close your eyes. After a few seconds, open your eyes and very quickly jot down the first three things you see that bother you the most in each room. Once you have them written down you can use those notes as a starting point in your redecoration process. The three second scan helps you to prioritize the top things that need change without that overwhelming feeling.

Freshen Up

Spring sparks fond memories of white linens on clothes lines, light and breezy colours and the look of cotton white clouds on a bright blue sky day. Bring the essence of spring into your home with fresh accents and accessories in shades of white to tie your rooms together easily and effortlessly.

Green Living

Bring the outside in using your green thumb. A little greenery or simple succulents add a breath of fresh air into your living space and instantly give a pop of colour to a room with little to no effort.

Airy and Breezy

Replace heavy drapes, curtains and fabrics with light and airy breezy materials to beautifully brighten a room and get it revitalized for the spring season. Sheer materials are the perfect options for spring window coverings as they let in the warmth and light through the windows so you can enjoy the sunlight throughout the season