Keep Your Vanity Organized

Keep Your Vanity Organized

For most women, the bathroom and vanity pose the biggest challenges when it comes to getting organized. With an endless amount of beauty products, toiletries and tools to primp ourselves with, finding adequate storage solutions can be no small feat. Whether you have a dresser or mirrored vanity, it’s time to say goodbye to those days of hunting down the perfect lipstick or your long lost hair tie and revamp your personal primping station into a calm and soothing sanctuary.

Individual Item Organizer

Sort and store all your beauty supplies using an organizer built with individual compartments to keep all your tools and products safe and in-tact. Ideal for counter tops, an individual item organizer allows you to keep your multiple beauty and bathroom essentials handy to make your morning routine effortless.

Styling Station

Make getting ready each day easy and effortless with a handy styling station that stores all your hair products and tool, even when they’re still hot from use. Stainless steel mesh encourages air flow to all your tools to safely cool down even after you’re done using them.

Cosmetic Organizer

Keep all your daily cosmetics ready and waiting for use with a multiple compartment cosmetic organizer. 25 compartments composed of 16 spaces for lipstick, 2 tall spots for bottles and brushes, a long space for mascaras and eyeliners, along with 4 medium and 2 large sized compartments, make up this spacious organizer to house all your toiletries and supplies.

Lipstick Holder

Save precious time searching for missing or misplaced cosmetics and use a lipstick holder to easily locate and organize your favourite beauty products. With two available rows, sort your lipsticks by colour to make your beauty routine that much more flawless.

Multiple Compartment Organizer

Multiple compartments mean more space to store and sort all your toiletries and beauty needs in one spacious place. Various sized compartments allow you to house a variety of different shaped and sized supplies to get the most out of your cosmetic organizer.

Cosmetic Drawer Organizer

Keep unmentionables and unwanted items out of sight by using a cosmetic organizer built-in with a drawer to store cosmetics and supplies hidden from view. Use the top part of the organizer to store and create easy access to everyday essential items and avoid rummaging through messy drawers again.