Save more Green by Going Green

Save more Green by Going Green

Going green and living an eco friendly lifestyle often gets a bad reputation for being expensive, when in actuality become conscious of the environment and greening your household can save you money in the short and long term. The 5 solutions are cheap and eco-friendly ways to save money while going green.

Green Thumb

Practice your hand at your own green thumb. Not only is tending garden a hobby for most and a fun activity, it can also help save money, cut pesticides and reduce carbon emissions compared to supermarket fruits and veggies.

Recycle It

Recycling is an easy way to become environmentally responsible quickly and without hassle. Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy used to create an entirely new can. In addition, it can also take as little as 60 days for a recycled can to make it from the blue bin back to the shelf.

Outdoor Dry

Although dryers are convenient, they consume mass amounts of water and energy. In addition, a single dryer emits more than one ton of carbon dioxide per year. In the warmer months, hang dry your laundry on a clothes line outdoors after washing. It saves money, time and not to mention, the environment.


Avoid adding to the Earth’s pollution by choosing a more eco-friendly method of transportation: walking. Mobile sources account for more than half the pollution in the atmosphere, with cars being the leading cause so give second thought to getting some exercise while doing good for the environment. Given the cost of gas prices, driving doesn’t come cheap either. By cutting down on the amount of time spent in the car, not only are you cutting down on emissions but you’re also cutting down on spending your cold hard cash. Arrange a carpool, look for public transportation and walk as much as possible.

Vintage Finds

Try shopping at Goodwill or local vintage shops to find some great deals and unique pieces. Reuse old and worn clothes by turning them in to rags for household cleaning or donate gently worn goods to charity. Doing this allows for your clothing carbon footprint to be reduced enormously.