Simplifying Solutions to Organize Your Home and Life

Simplifying Solutions to Organize Your Home and Life

Get your life and home in tip top shape with these smart and simple steps to help simplify the everyday. Preparing to get organized, is almost as important as the actual act of “doing” it.

Let Go

Letting go can tough. Trying to decide what to ditch and what to donate can be a daunting task, but it’s also one that can be fulfilling. Stop creating excuses or reasons to put this off any longer and remind yourself of the benefits this can have on your life and home.

Clean Out the Closet

The closet can oftentimes be one of the catchall of the home, accumulating unused or unwanted items at the drop of a hat. Discard these items and give your closet a makeover. Upgrade your hangers and sort your clothing and accessories by look, colour, type and even season, to make getting ready each day effortless and efficient.

Go Streamlined

Once you overcome excuse barriers and decide you’re ready to tackle on task of de-cluttering your home, take the streamlined approach to make getting organized that much easier. Create a regular system, possibly every month or every other month, on what should be donated, discarded or recycled. Unused items just take up unnecessary space that’s preventing your home from becoming the sanctuary that it should be.

Purses & Make-Up Bags

For women, these two areas are the easiest to clutter and toss unwanted items in. A messy purse can turn every attempt to find keys, wallets and everything else a huge hassle. Re-organize your handbag so it works for you, keeping only what you normally use on a daily basis and spend less time searching for items you actually need. Get rid of all those extra contents in your on-the-go cosmetic bag and replace them with essential small and compact items to feel loads lighter.