Tips for Saving Water Around the House

Tips for Saving Water Around the House

Spend the spring season giving back to the environment by playing your part to help conserve energy and water around your home and community. On average a standard four person Canadian household uses up to 329 litres of water per person! Help make a positive change and impact on the environment for generations to come. Every bit counts. Even the smallest changes in your household can amount to greater savings in water, energy and money. Following these simple steps for saving water around the home can help increase water reductions to up to 40%.

Water Wise

Be as environmentally conscious as possible with your water usage and save whenever possible. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, instead of leaving it running. Take showers, instead of baths. Bring a bucket into the shower with you to catch any wasted water that can later be used outside in the yard or garden.

Conserving Cool

Invest in water saving products for your home and put a little green back in your pocket. This ensures that you have efficient energy savings and maximize water use while keeping costs down. Installing a water saving shower head not only conserves water, but also cuts costs on your monthly water bill.

Warmer Weather

As warmer weather approaches, tons of water will be spent and wasted outdoors on front lawns, backyards, gardens and fun for kids and family. Be sure to check with your city to see the rules and regulations for water use in the summer to ensure that you’re properly using water without creating high energy bills and water consumption in your neighbourhood. Remember to water your lawn at the appropriate times and always turn off your sprinkler before leaving the house. Investing in water saving products for the outdoors like sprinkler timers, can help effectively monitor water usage and conserve energy while you help your garden grow.